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Jose Albino Alves Dias

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Jose Albino Alves Dias. Publicou 28 artigos em revistas especializadas, possui 4 capítulos de livros publicados. Nas suas actividades profissionais interagiu com 66 colaboradores em co-autorias de trabalhos científicos.

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Dados pessoais (Personal data)
Nome completo
Full name
Jose Albino Alves Dias
Nome em citações bibliográficas
Quoting name
Dias, Albino Alves

Graus Académicos (Academic Degrees)
2005 Doutoramento
Engenharia Biológica.
Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal.

1995 Provas de Aptidão Pedagógica/Capacidade Científica
Evaluation of Pedagogic Readiness/Cientific Ability
Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal.

1984-1990 Licenciatura
Licentiate degree
Engenharia Agrícola (5 anos » years) .
Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal.

Vínculos profissionais (Professional Positions)
Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro
Mar/2010-Actual Professor Auxiliar

Produção científica, técnica e artística/cultural (Scientific, technical and artistical/cultural production)
Capítulos de livros publicados
Published book chapters
1. Dias, Albino A; Fernandes, Joana M. C; Sousa, Rose M. O. F; Pinto, Paula A; Amaral, Carla; Sampaio, Ana; Bezerra, Rui M. F. 2018. Fungal Conversion and Valorization of Winery Wastes.  In Mycoremediation and Environmental Sustainability, ed. Ram Prasad, 239 - 252. ISBN: 978-3-319-77385-8. Cham: Springer International Publishing.
2. Poeta, Patrícia; Dias, Albino A; Igrejas, Gilberto; Silva, Vanessa; Bezerra, Rui; Nunes, Carlos S. 2018. Selection, engineering, and expression of microbial enzymes.  In Enzymes in Human and Animal Nutrition, 1 - 29. ISBN: 9780128054192. Academic Press: Elsevier.
3. Dias, Albino A; Lucas, Marco S; Sampaio, Ana; Peres, José A; Bezerra, Rui M. F. 2010. Decolorization of Azo Dyes by Yeasts.  In Biodegradation of Azo Dyes, ed. Hatice Atacag Erkurt, 183 - 193. ISBN: 978-3-642-11846-3. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
4. Dias, Albino A; Sampaio, Ana; Bezerra, Rui M. 2007. Environmental Applications of Fungal and Plant Systems: Decolourisation of Textile Wastewater and Related Dyestuffs.  In Environmental Bioremediation Technologies, ed. Shree N. SinghRudra D. Tripathi, 445 - 463. ISBN: 978-3-540-34790-3. Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer Berlin Heidelberg.

Artigos em revistas com arbitragem científica
Papers in periodics with scientific refereeing
1. Pinto, Paula A; Bezerra, Rui M. F; Dias, Albino A. 2018. "Discrimination between rival laccase inhibition models from data sets with one inhibitor concentration using a penalized likelihood analysis and Akaike weights", Biocatalysis and Biotransformation 36, 5: 401 - 407.
2. Dias, Albino A; Matos, António J; Fraga, Irene; Sampaio, Ana; Bezerra, Rui M. 2017. "An Easy Method for Screening and Detection of Laccase Activity", The Open Biotechnology Journal 11, 1: 89 - 93.
3. Bezerra, R.M.F.; Pinto, P.A.; Fraga, I.; Dias, A.A.. 2016. "Enzyme inhibition studies by integrated Michaelis-Menten equation considering simultaneous presence of two inhibitors when one of them is a reaction product", Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 125, -: 2 - 7.
4. Dias, Albino A; Pinto, Paula A; Fraga, Irene; Bezerra, Rui M. F. 2014. "Diagnosis of Enzyme Inhibition Using Excel Solver: A Combined Dry and Wet Laboratory Exercise", Journal of Chemical Education 91, 7: 1017 - 1021.
5. Santos, Catia; Lucas, Marco S; Dias, Albino A; Bezerra, Rui M. F; Peres, Jose A; Sampaio, Ana. 2014. "Winery wastewater treatment by combination of Cryptococcus laurentii and Fenton's reagent", Chemosphere 117, -: 53 - 58.
6. Fraga, Irene; Coutinho, João; Bezerra, Rui M; Dias, Albino A; Marques, Guilhermina; Nunes, Fernando M. 2014. "Influence of culture medium growth variables on Ganoderma lucidum exopolysaccharides structural features", Carbohydrate Polymers 111, -: 936 - 946.
7. Bezerra, Rui M; Fraga, Irene; Dias, Albino A. 2013. "Utilization of integrated Michaelis–Menten equations for enzyme inhibition diagnosis and determination of kinetic constants using Solver supplement of Microsoft Office Excel", Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine 109, 109: 26 - 31.
8. Silva, Amélia M; Miranda, Andreia; Fernandes, Elisabete; Santos, Susana; Fraga, Irene; Santos, Dario L; Dias, Albino A; Bezerra, Rui M. 2013. "Endopolysaccharides from Ganoderma resinaceum, Phlebia rufa, and Trametes versicolor Affect Differently the Proliferation Rate of HepG2 Cells", Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 169, 6: 1919 - 1926.
9. Pinto, P.A.; Dias, A.A.; Fraga, I.; Marques, G.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Colaço, J.; Sampaio, A.; Bezerra, R.M.F.. 2012. "Influence of ligninolytic enzymes on straw saccharification during fungal pretreatment", Bioresource Technology 111, -: 261 - 267.
10. Ribeiro, L.; Pinheiro, V.; Outor-Monteiro, D.; Mourão, J.; Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, A.A.; Bennett, R.N.; Marques, G.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.. 2012. "Effects of the dietary incorporation of untreated and white-rot fungi (Ganoderma resinaceum Boud) pre-treated olive leaves on growing rabbits", Animal Feed Science and Technology 173, 3-4: 244 - 251.
11. Amaral, C.; Lucas, M.S.; Sampaio, A.; Peres, J.A.; Dias, A.A.; Peixoto, F.; Anjos, M.D.R.; Pais, C.. 2012. "Biodegradation of olive mill wastewaters by a wild isolate of Candida oleophila", International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 68, -: 45 - 50.
12. Bezerra, Rui M. F; Sampaio, Ana; Dias, Albino A. 2012. "Trivial nomenclature of gluco-hexose in Portuguese language and other Latin based languages", Scientific Research and Essays 7, 3: 270 - 271.
13. De Barros, C; Ferreira, L.M.M.; Nunes, F.M.; Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, A.A.; Guedes, C.V.; Cone, J.W.; Marques, G.S.M.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.. 2011. "The potential of white-rot fungi to degrade phorbol esters of Jatropha curcas L. seed cake", Engineering in Life Sciences 11, 1: 107 - 110.
14. Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, A.A.; Fraga, I.; Pereira, A.N.. 2011. "Cellulose hydrolysis by cellobiohydrolase Cel7A Shows mixed hyperbolic product inhibition", Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 165, 1: 178 - 189.
15. Dias, A.A.; Freitas, G.S.; Marques, G.S.M.; Sampaio, A.; Fraga, I.S.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Evtuguin, D.V.; Bezerra, R.M.F.. 2010. "Enzymatic saccharification of biologically pre-treated wheat straw with white-rot fungi", Bioresource Technology 101, 15: 6045 - 6050.
16. Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, J.A.G.A.; De Miranda G. C; Ferreira, L.M.M.; Nunes, F.M.. 2010. "Could basidiomycetes fungi be an alternative for the treatment of fibrous feedstuffs? Application of enzymatic complexes and future prospects | Fungos basidiomicetos podem ser uma alternativa para o tratamento de alimentos fibrosos? Aplicação de complexos enzimáticos e perspectivas futuras", Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia 39, SUPPL. 1: 519 - 527.
17. Dinis, M.J.; Bezerra, R.M.F.; Nunes, F.M.; Dias, A.A.; Guedes, C.V.; Ferreira, L.M.M.; Cone, J.W.; Marques, G.S.M.; Barros, A.R.N.; Rodrigues, M.A.M.. 2009. "Modification of wheat straw lignin by solid state fermentation with white-rot fungi", Bioresource Technology 100, 20: 4829 - 4835.
18. Lucas, M.S.; Dias, A.A.; Bezerra, R.M.F.; Peres, J.A.. 2008. "Gallic acid photochemical oxidation as a model compound of winery wastewaters", Journal of Environmental Science and Health - Part A Toxic/Hazardous Substances and Environmental Engineering 43, 11: 1288 - 1295.
19. Rodrigues, M.A.M.; Pinto, P.A.; Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, A.A.; Guedes, C.V.M.; Cardoso, V.M.G.; Cone, J.W.; Ferreira, L.M.M.; Colaço, J.; Sequeira, C.A.. 2008. "Effect of enzyme extracts isolated from white-rot fungi on chemical composition and in vitro digestibility of wheat straw", Animal Feed Science and Technology 141, 3-4: 326 - 338.
20. Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, A.A.. 2007. "Utilization of integrated Michaelis-Menten equation to determine kinetic constants", Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 35, 2: 145 - 150.
21. Matos, A.J.F.S.; Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, A.A.. 2007. "Screening of fungal isolates and properties of Ganoderma applanatum intended for olive mill wastewater decolourization and dephenolization", Letters in Applied Microbiology 45, 3: 270 - 275.
22. Lucas, M.S.; Dias, A.A.; Sampaio, A.; Amaral, C.; Peres, J.A.. 2007. "Degradation of a textile reactive Azo dye by a combined chemical-biological process: Fenton's reagent-yeast", Water Research 41, 5: 1103 - 1109.
23. Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, A.A.; Fraga, I.; Pereira, A.N.. 2006. "Simultaneous ethanol and cellobiose inhibition of cellulose hydrolysis studied with integrated equations assuming constant or variable substrate concentration", Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 134, 1: 27 - 38.
24. Lucas, M.S.; Amaral, C.; Sampaio, A.; Peres, J.A.; Dias, A.A.. 2006. "Biodegradation of the diazo dye Reactive Black 5 by a wild isolate of Candida oleophila", Enzyme and Microbial Technology 39, 1: 51 - 55.
25. Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, A.A.. 2005. "Enzymatic kinetic of cellulose hydrolysis: Inhibition by ethanol and cellobiose", Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 126, 1: 49 - 59.
26. Dias, A.A.; Bezerra, R.M.F.; Pereira, A.N.. 2004. "Activity and elution profile of laccase during biological decolorization and dephenolization of olive mill wastewater", Bioresource Technology 92, 1: 7 - 13.
27. Bezerra, R.M.F.; Dias, A.A.. 2004. "Discrimination among eight modified Michaelis-Menten kinetics models of cellulose hydrolysis with a large range of substrate/enzyme ratios: Inhibition by cellobiose", Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology - Part A Enzyme Engineering and Biotechnology 112, 3: 173 - 184.
28. Dias, A.A.; Bezerra, R.M.F.; Lemos, P.M.; Pereira, A.N.. 2003. "In vivo and laccase-catalysed decolourization of xenobiotic azo dyes by a basidiomycetous fungus: Characterization of its ligninolytic system", World Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology 19, 9: 969 - 975.

Indicadores de produção (Production indicators)

Produção científica
Scientific production

Livros e capítulos
Books and book chapters
Capítulos de livros publicados
Published book chapters
Artigos científicos em revistas
Papers in periodics
Com arbitragem científica
With scientific refereeing

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