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FRANCISCO ARENAS PARRA Publicou 32 artigos em revistas especializadas. Nas suas actividades profissionais interagiu com 123 colaboradores em co-autorias de trabalhos científicos.

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nterdisciplinary Centre of Marine and Environmental Research
Rua dos Bragas 289
4050--123 Porto
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Graus Académicos (Academic Degrees)
1986-1991 Licenciatura
Licentiate degree
Licenciatura en Biología (5 anos » years) .
Universidad de Oviedo, Espanha.

Produção científica, técnica e artística/cultural (Scientific, technical and artistical/cultural production)
Artigos em revistas com arbitragem científica
Papers in periodics with scientific refereeing
1. ARENAS, FRANCISCO; Fernandez, Consolacion. 2000. "Size structure and dynamics in a population of Sargassum muticum (Phaeophyceae)", Journal of Phycology 36, 6: 1012 - 1020.
2. Arenas, F.; Fernández, C.. 1998. "Ecology of Sargassum muticum (Phaeophyta) on the North Coast of Spain. III. Reproductive Ecology", Botanica Marina 41, 1-6: 209 - 216.
3. Arenas, F.. 1995. "Growth and reproductive strategies of Sargassum muticum (Yendo) Fensholt and Cystoseira nodicaulis (Whit.) Roberts", Scientia Marina 59, 1: 1 - 8.

Artigos em revistas sem arbitragem científica
Papers in periodics without scientific refereeing
1. Bertocci, I.; Arenas, F.; Cacabelos, E.; Martins, G.M.; Seabra, M.I.; ?lvaro, N.V.; Fernandes, J.N.; Gai{\~a. 2017. "Nowhere safe? Exploring the influence of urbanization across mainland and insular seashores in continental Portugal and the Azorean Archipelago", Marine Pollution Bulletin 114, 2: 644 - 655.
2. Vieira, R.; Pinto, I.S.; Arenas, F.. 2017. "The role of nutrient enrichment in the invasion process in intertidal rock pools", Hydrobiologia 797, 1: 183 - 198.
3. Pinho, D.; Bertocci, I.; Arenas, F.; Franco, J.N.; Jacinto, D.; Castro, J.J.; Vieira, R.; Sousa-Pinto, I.; Wernberg, T.; Tuya, F.. 2016. "Spatial and temporal variation of kelp forests and associated macroalgal assemblages along the Portuguese coast", Marine and Freshwater Research 67, 1: 113 - 122.
4. Vye, S.R.; Emmerson, M.C.; Arenas, F.; Dick, J.T.A.; O'Connor, N.E.. 2015. "Stressor intensity determines antagonistic interactions between species invasion and multiple stressor effects on ecosystem functioning", Oikos 124, 8: 1005 - 10.
5. Martínez, B.; Arenas, F.; Trilla, A.; Viejo, R.M.; Carreño, F.. 2015. "Combining physiological threshold knowledge to species distribution models is key to improving forecasts of the future niche for macroalgae", Global Change Biology 21, 4: 1422 - 14.
6. Rodil, I.F.; Lucena-Moya, P.; Olabarria, C.; Arenas, F.. 2015. "Alteration of Macroalgal Subsidies by Climate-Associated Stressors Affects Behavior of Wrack-Reliant Beach Consumers", Ecosystems 18, 3: 428 - 440.
7. Ara{\'u. 2015. "Trade-offs between life-history traits at range-edge and central locations", Journal of Phycology 51, 4: 808 - 818.
8. Bertocci, I.; Domínguez Godino, J; Freitas, C.; Incera, M.; Araújo, R.; Bio, A.; Arenas, F.; Sousa-Pinto, I.; Reis, P.A.; Domínguez, R.. 2014. "The regime of climate-related disturbance and nutrient enrichment modulate macroalgal invasions in rockpools", Biological Invasions 17, 1: 133 - 147.
9. Ferreira, J.G.; Arenas, F.; Martínez, B.; Hawkins, S.J.; Jenkins, S.R.. 2014. "Physiological response of fucoid algae to environmental stress: Comparing range centre and southern populations", New Phytologist 202, 4: 1157 - 11.
10. Vaz-Pinto, F.; Olabarria, C.; Arenas, F.. 2014. "Ecosystem functioning impacts of the invasive seaweed Sargassum muticum (Fucales, Phaeophyceae)", Journal of Phycology 50, 1: 108 - 116.
11. Veiga, P.; Rubal, M.; Vieira, R.; Arenas, F.; Sousa-Pinto, I.. 2013. "Spatial variability in intertidal macroalgal assemblages on the North Portuguese coast: Consistence between species and functional group approaches", Helgoland Marine Research 67, 1: 191 - 201.
12. Olabarria, C.; Arenas, F.; Viejo, R.M.; Gestoso, I.; Vaz-Pinto, F.; Incera, M.; Rubal, M.; Cacabelos, E.; Veiga, P.; Sobrino, C.. 2013. "Response of macroalgal assemblages from rockpools to climate change: Effects of persistent increase in temperature and CO2", Oikos 122, 7: 1065 - 10.
13. Vaz-Pinto, F.; Olabarria, C.; Gestoso, I.; Cacabelos, E.; Incera, M.; Arenas, F.. 2013. "Functional diversity and climate change: Effects on the invasibility of macroalgal assemblages", Biological Invasions 15, 8: 1833 - 18.
14. Bulleri, F.; Benedetti-Cecchi, L.; Cusson, M.; Maggi, E.; Arenas, F.; Aspden, R.; Bertocci, I.; Crowe, T.P.; Davoult, D.; Eriksson, B.K.; Fraschetti, S.; Golléty, C.; Griffin, J.N.; Jenkins, S.R.; Kotta, J.; Kraufvelin, P.; Molis, M.; Pinto, I.S.; Terlizzi, A.; Valdivia, N.; Paterson, D.M.. 2012. "Temporal stability of European rocky shore assemblages: Variation across a latitudinal gradient and the role of habitat-formers", Oikos 121, 11: 1801 - 18.
15. Gestoso, I.; Olabarria, C.; Arenas, F.. 2012. "The invasive mussel xenostrobus securis along the galician rias baixas (nw of spain): Status of invasion", Cahiers de Biologie Marine 53, 3: 391 - 396.
16. Martínez, B.; Arenas, F.; Rubal, M.; Burgués, S.; Esteban, R.; García-Plazaola, I.; Figueroa, F.L.; Pereira, R.; Saldaña, L.; Sousa-Pinto, I.; Trilla, A.; Viejo, R.M.. 2012. "Physical factors driving intertidal macroalgae distribution: Physiological stress of a dominant fucoid at its southern limit", Oecologia 170, 2: 341 - 353.
17. Bertocci, I.; Araújo, R.; Incera, M.; Arenas, F.; Pereira, R.; Abreu, H.; Larsen, K.; Sousa-Pinto, I.. 2012. "Benthic assemblages of rock pools in northern Portugal: Seasonal and between-pool variability | Comunidades bentónicas de charcas rocosas del norte de Portugal: Variabilidad estacional y entre charcas", Scientia Marina 76, 4: 781 - 789.
18. Veiga, P.; Rubal, M.; Arenas, F.; Incera, M.; Olabarria, C.; Sousa-Pinto, I.. 2011. "Does Carcinus maenas facilitate the invasion of Xenostrobus securis?", Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 406, 1-2: 14 - 20.
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20. Viejo, R.M.; Arenas, F.; Fernández, C.; Gómez, M.. 2008. "Mechanisms of succession along the emersion gradient in intertidal rocky shore assemblages", Oikos 117, 3: 376 - 389.
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26. ARENAS, FRANCISCO; Viejo, Rosa M; Fernandez, Consolacion. 2002. "Density-dependent regulation in an invasive seaweed: responses at plant and modular levels", Journal of Ecology 90, 5: 820 - 829.
27. Arenas, F.; Viejo, R.M.; Fernández, C.. 2002. "Density-dependent regulation in an invasive seaweed: Responses at plant and modular levels", Journal of Ecology 90, 5: 820 - 829.
28. Jenkins, SR; Arenas, F.; Arrontes, J; Bussell, J; Castro, J; Coleman, RA; Hawkins, SJ; Kay, S; Martínez, B; Oliveros, J; Roberts, MF; Sousa, S; Thompson, RC; Hartnoll, RG. 2001. "European-scale analysis of seasonal variability in limpet grazing activity and microalgal abundance", Marine Ecology Progress Series, 211: 193 - 203.
29. Arenas, F.; Fernández, C.. 1998. "Ecology of Sargassum muticum (Phaeophyta) on the North Coast of Spain III. Reproductive ecology", Botanica Marina 41, 2: 209 - 216.

Indicadores de produção (Production indicators)

Produção científica
Scientific production

Artigos científicos em revistas
Papers in periodics
Com arbitragem científica
With scientific refereeing
Sem arbitragem científica
Without scientific refereeing

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