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Luis Fernando Morgado Pereira de Almeida

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Luís Pereira de Almeida ( graduated in Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Coimbra in 1991. After 2 years as chief of production at Laboratorios Delta, Rotta Research Group in Queluz, later integrated the Faculty of Pharmacy as teaching assistant and developed a master thesis on modeling dissolution of drugs. Later, with a fellowship from the Portuguese Foundation for Science and technology developed his PhD project at the Gene Therapy Center, Centre Hôpitalier Universitaire Vaudois and Faculty of Medicine in Lausanne, Switzerland from 1998 to 2001. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Coimbra since 2003, teaches at graduate and undergraduate levels and has coordinated the Masters in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology. His research activity is developed at the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology of the University of Coimbra (CNC), Portugal where he is principal investigator and member of the board. He spent short sabbatical leaves at CEA, Saclay in France (2005) and at the Massachussetts Institute of Technology (2010). The research of his group has been focused on gene therapy approaches for neurodegenerative disorders with a focus on Machado-Joseph disease/spinocerebellar ataxia type 3, including disease modifying and gene silencing approaches, autophagy activation and proteolysis inhibition, works published in over thirty papers cited over 700 times, in journals such as Brain, Annals of Neurology, Human Molecular Genetics, PLoS One, Human Gene Therapy and The Journal of Neuroscience, awarded with prizes by the Portuguese Society for Neurosciences (2009, 2011, 2012), the Portuguese Society of Human Genetics (2009), and Fundação Pulido Valente. For some years coordinated the Doctoral Program in Experimental Biology and Biomedicine of CNC and has been organizing advanced courses on Neurodegenerative diseases, Principles and Practice in Drug Development (MIT Portugal -PhD Program), Nuclear biology and gene therapy and Gene and cell therapy for the CNS. Luis Pereira de Almeida is or has been responsible for 15 research projects funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology, the Association Française de Myopathies, private funds, the National Ataxia Foundation (USA) and leads one of the twelve European research groups that constitute the Initial Training Network TreatPolyQ within the 7th Framework Program of the European Union.

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Dados pessoais (Personal data)
Nome completo
Full name
Luis Fernando Morgado Pereira de Almeida
Nome em citações bibliográficas
Quoting name
Pereira de Almeida, Luis Fernando Morgado
Categoria profissional
Professor Auxiliar
Domínio científico de atuação
Scientific domain
Engenharia e Tecnologia-Nanotecnologia.
Ciências Médicas-Outras Ciências Médicas.
Ciências Naturais-Ciências Biológicas.
Ciências Médicas-Ciências da Saúde.
Endereço profissional
Professional address
Universidade de Coimbra
Faculdade de Farmácia
Pólo das Ciências da Saúde Azinhaga de Santa Comba
3000-548 Coimbra
Telefone: (+351)239488400
Correio electrónico:

Graus Académicos (Academic Degrees)
1997-2003 Doutoramento
Doutoramento em Tecnologia Farmacêutica.
Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.

1993-1996 Mestrado
Master degree
Mestrado em Tecnologias do Medicamento (2 anos » years) .
Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.

1985-1991 Licenciatura
Licentiate degree
Licenciatura em Ciências Farmacêuticas (6 anos » years) .
Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal.

Vínculos profissionais (Professional Positions)
Centro de Neurociências e Biologia Celular da Universidade de Coimbra
Fev/2008-Actual Professor Auxiliar

Universidade de Coimbra
Fev/2008-Actual Professor Auxiliar
Fev/2003-Fev/2008 Professor Auxiliar
Jan/1996-Fev/2003 Assistente
Mar/1993-Jan/1996 Assistente Estagiário

Universite de Lausanne
Fev/1998-Abr/2001 Assistente

Línguas (Languages)
Português (Bem), Francês (Bem), Inglês (Bem), Espanhol (Razoavelmente).
Português (Bem), Francês (Bem), Inglês (Bem), Espanhol (Pouco).

Português (Bem), Francês (Bem), Inglês (Bem), Espanhol (Razoavelmente).
Português (Bem), Francês (Bem), Inglês (Bem), Espanhol (Pouco).

Prémios e títulos (Awards Prizes, and Honours)
2009 Research Award -Project:"Modulation of autophagy as a novel therapeutic strategy for Machado-Joseph disease"., National Ataxia Foundation, USA/ Duration: 2010 .
2004 Research award: -"Lentiviral vector-based silencing of endogenous rat ataxin-3", Reference #8 04/05, National Ataxia Foundation, USA.
2010 Melhor trabalho português publicado em 2008 com impacto na área da genética humana e/ou médica atribuído ao orientando Sandro Alves, pelo artigo “Allele-specific RNA silencing of mutant ataxin-3..." Sociedade Portug, Sociedade Portuguesa de Genética Humana.
2009 Artigo Destaque_SPN2009 - atribuído ao primeiro autor e orientando Sandro Alves pelo artigo Striatal and nigral pathology in a lentiviral rat model of Machado-Joseph disease. Hum Mol Genet. 2008; 17: 2071-2083 , Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurociencias.
2011 Artigo Destaque_SPN2011 - atribuído ao primeiro autor e orientando Sandro Alves pelo artigo Silencing ataxin-3 mitigates degeneration in a rat model of Machado-Joseph disease: no role for wild-type ataxin-3? Human Molecular Genetics 2010 Apr 9, Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurociências.

Membro de Associações Profissionais/Científicas (Professional/Scientific Association membership)
Actual Sociedade Portuguesa de Bioquímica, Membro.
Actual Sociedade Portuguesa de Neurociências, Membro.
Actual Sociedade Portuguesa de Células Estaminais e Terapia Celular (SPCE-TC), Membro fundador.
Actual Society of Controlled Release , Membro.
Actual Society for Neurosciences (SFN) - Sociedade Americana de Neurociências, Membro.
Actual European Society for Gene and Cell Therapy, Membro.
Jun/1991 - Actual Ordem dos Farmacêuticos, Membro.
Membro da Ordem dos Farmacêuticos nº C-1522 (Carteira Profissional nº 08998)..

Produção científica, técnica e artística/cultural (Scientific, technical and artistical/cultural production)
Capítulos de livros publicados
Published book chapters
1. C. Cardoso, A. L; Trabulo, S; Pereira de A. L. F. M; Pedroso de L. M. C. 2012. Interaction of nucleic acids with biological membranes: activation of inflammatory mechanisms.  In A Toxicological / Pharmacological Approach to the Chemico-Biological Interactions at the Membrane Level, 0 - 0. . 0: Translational Research Network.
2. Pereira de A. L. F. M; Nobrega, C.. 2012. Spinocerebellar Ataxia, Jose Gazulla (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-51-0542-8, InTech, .  In Spinocerebellar Ataxia, ed. Jose Gazulla (Ed.), 0 - 0. ISBN: 978-953-51-0542-8. 0: In Tech.
3. C. Cardoso, A. L; Trabulo, S; Duarte, Sara; Costa, P.; Pereira de A. L. F. M; Pedroso de L. M. C. 2010. Gene silencing as a promising strategy to target CNS and neurological disorders.  In Gene Silencing: Theory, Techniques and Applications, 0 - 0. . 0: 0.
4. Ribeiro, Sandra M; Almeida, Luís P.; Carvalho, Ana L; Rego, Ana C. 2007. Polyglutamine Expansion Diseases – the Case of Machado-Joseph Disease.  In Interaction Between Neurons and Glia in Aging and Disease, ed. João O. Malva, Ana Cristina Rego, Rodrigo A. Cunha, Catarina R. Oliveira, 391 - 426. ISBN: 978-0-387-70829-4. Boston, MA: Springer US.

Artigos em revistas com arbitragem científica
Papers in periodics with scientific refereeing
1. Nóbrega, Clévio; Nascimento-Ferreira, Isabel; Onofre, Isabel; Albuquerque, David; Hirai, Hirokazu; Déglon, Nicole; de Almeida, L. P; Chiesa, Roberto. 2013. "Silencing Mutant Ataxin-3 Rescues Motor Deficits and Neuropathology in Machado-Joseph Disease Transgenic Mice", PLoS ONE 8, 1: e52396 - e52396.
2. Gonçalves, Nélio; Simões, Ana T; Cunha, Rodrigo A; de Almeida, L. P. 2013. "Caffeine and adenosine A2A receptor inactivation decrease striatal neuropathology in a lentiviral-based model of Machado-Joseph disease ", Annals of Neurology 73, 5: 655 - 666.
3. Nascimento-Ferreira, I.; Nobrega, C.; Vasconcelos-Ferreira, A.; Onofre, I.; Albuquerque, D.; Aveleira, C.; Hirai, H.; Deglon, N.; Pereira de A. L. 2013. "Beclin 1 mitigates motor and neuropathological deficits in genetic mouse models of Machado-Joseph disease", Brain 136, 7: 2173 - 2188.
4. Costa, Pedro M; Cardoso, Ana L; Mendonça, Liliana S; Serani, Angelo; Custódia, Carlos; Conceição, Mariana; Simões, Sérgio; Moreira, João N; Pereira de A. L; Pedroso de L. M. C. 2013. "Tumor-targeted Chlorotoxin-coupled Nanoparticles for Nucleic Acid Delivery to Glioblastoma Cells: A Promising System for Glioblastoma Treatment", Molecular Therapy—Nucleic Acids 2, 6: e100 - e100.
5. Sousa-Ferreira, Lígia; Almeida, Luís P.; Cavadas, Cláudia. 2013. "Role of hypothalamic neurogenesis in feeding regulation", Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism, .: 1 - 9.
6. Lopes, Carla; Ribeiro, Márcio; Duarte, Ana I; Humbert, Sandrine; Saudou, Frederic; Pereira de A. L; Hayden, Michael; Rego, A. C. 2013. "IGF-1 Intranasal Administration Rescues Huntington's Disease Phenotypes in YAC128 Mice", Molecular Neurobiology, 0: 0 - 0.
7. Cardoso, Ana L; Guedes, Joana R; Pereira de A. L; Pedroso de L. M. C. 2012. "miR-155 modulates microglia-mediated immune response by down-regulating SOCS-1 and promoting cytokine and nitric oxide production", Immunology 135, 1: 73 - 88.
8. Simoes, A. T; Goncalves, N.; Koeppen, A.; Deglon, N.; Kugler, S.; Duarte, C. B; Pereira de A. L. 2012. "Calpastatin-mediated inhibition of calpains in the mouse brain prevents mutant ataxin 3 proteolysis, nuclear localization and aggregation, relieving Machado-Joseph disease", Brain 135, 8: 2428 - 2439.
9. Costa, P. M; Cardoso, A. L; Nobrega, C.; Pereira de A. L. F; Bruce, J. N; Canoll, P.; Pedroso de L. M. C. 2012. "MicroRNA-21 silencing enhances the cytotoxic effect of the antiangiogenic drug sunitinib in glioblastoma", Human Molecular Genetics, 0: 0 - 0.
10. Costa, P. M; Cardoso, A. L; Pereira de A. L. F; Bruce, J. N; Canoll, P.; Pedroso de L. M. C. 2012. "PDGF-B-mediated downregulation of miR-21: new insights into PDGF signaling in glioblastoma", Human Molecular Genetics 0, 0: 0 - 0.
11. Nóbrega, Clévio; Nascimento-Ferreira, Isabel; Onofre, Isabel; Albuquerque, David; Conceição, Mariana; Déglon, Nicole; Almeida, Luís P. 2012. "Overexpression of Mutant Ataxin-3 in Mouse Cerebellum Induces Ataxia and Cerebellar Neuropathology", The Cerebellum, 0: 0 - 0.
12. Nascimento-Ferreira, I.; Santos-Ferreira, T.; Sousa-Ferreira, L.; Auregan, G.; Onofre, I.; Alves, S.; Dufour, N.; Colomer Gould, V. F; Koeppen, A.; Deglon, N.; Pereira de A. L. 2011. "Overexpression of the autophagic beclin-1 protein clears mutant ataxin-3 and alleviates Machado-Joseph disease", Brain 134, 5: 1400 - 1415.
13. Gomes, J. R; Lobo, A. C; Melo, C. V; Inacio, A. R; Takano, J.; Iwata, N.; Saido, T. C; de Almeida, L. P; Wieloch, T.; Duarte, C. B. 2011. "Cleavage of the Vesicular GABA Transporter under Excitotoxic Conditions Is Followed by Accumulation of the Truncated Transporter in Nonsynaptic Sites", Journal of Neuroscience 31, 12: 4622 - 4635.
14. Sousa-Ferreira, Lígia; Garrido, Manuel; Nascimento-Ferreira, Isabel; Nobrega, Clévio; Santos-Carvalho, Ana; ¿?lvaro, Ana R; Rosmaninho-Salgado, Joana; Kaster, Manuella; Kügler, Sebastian; Pereira de A. L; Cavadas, Claudia; Tomé, Daniel. 2011. "Moderate Long-Term Modulation of Neuropeptide Y in Hypothalamic Arcuate Nucleus Induces Energy Balance Alterations in Adult Rats", PLoS ONE 6, 7: 22333 - 22333.
15. Sousa-Ferreira, Lígia; ¿?lvaro, Ana R; Aveleira, Célia; Santana, Magda; Brandão, Inês; Kügler, Sebastian; Pereira de A. L; Cavadas, Cláudia; Linden, Rafael. 2011. "Proliferative Hypothalamic Neurospheres Express NPY, AGRP, POMC, CART and Orexin-A and Differentiate to Functional Neurons", PLoS ONE 6, 5: 19745 - 19745.
16. Jorge Nobre, R; Pereira de A. L. 2011. "Gene Therapy for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's Diseases: from the Bench to Clinical Trials", Current Pharmaceutical Design 17, 31: 3434 - 3445.
17. Alves, S.; Nascimento-Ferreira, I.; Dufour, N.; Hassig, R.; Auregan, G.; Nobrega, C.; Brouillet, E.; Hantraye, P.; Pedroso de L. M. C; Deglon, N.; de Almeida, L. P. 2010. "Silencing ataxin-3 mitigates degeneration in a rat model of Machado-Joseph disease: no role for wild-type ataxin-3?", Human Molecular Genetics 19, 12: 2380 - 2394.
18. Cardoso, A.L.C.; Costa, P.; de Almeida, L; Simões, S.; Plesnila, N.; Culmsee, C.; Wagner, E.; Pedroso de L. M. 2010. "Tf-lipoplex-mediated c-Jun silencing improves neuronal survival following excitotoxic damage in vivo", Journal of Controlled Release 142, 3: 392 - 403.
19. Nobre, Rui J; Cruz, Eugénia; Real, Odete; de Almeida, L. P; Martins, Teresa C. 2010. "Characterization of common and rare human papillomaviruses in Portuguese women by the polymerase chain reaction, restriction fragment length polymorphism and sequencing", Journal of Medical Virology 82, 6: 1024 - 1032.
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21. Cardoso, A.L.C.; Simões, S.; de Almeida, L; Plesnila, N.; Pedroso de L. M; Wagner, E.; Culmsee, C.. 2008. "Tf-lipoplexes for neuronal siRNA delivery: A promising system to mediate gene silencing in the CNS", Journal of Controlled Release 132, 2: 113 - 123.
22. Alves, S.; Regulier, E.; Nascimento-Ferreira, I.; Hassig, R.; Dufour, N.; Koeppen, A.; Carvalho, A. L; Simoes, S.; de Lima, M. C. P; Brouillet, E.; Gould, V. C; Deglon, N.; de Almeida, L. P. 2008. "Striatal and nigral pathology in a lentiviral rat model of Machado-Joseph disease", Human Molecular Genetics 17, 14: 2071 - 2083.
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37. Simöes, Sérgio; Pereira de A. L; Figueiredo, Margarida. 1996. "Testing the applicability of classical diffusional models to polydisperse systems", International Journal of Pharmaceutics 139, 1-2: 169 - 176.

Artigos em revistas sem arbitragem científica
Papers in periodics without scientific refereeing
1. Pereira de A. L. F. M; Nascimento-Ferreira, I.. 2011. "Beclin-1 and autophagy: potential for new therapeutics in neurodegeneration", Neurodegenerative Disease Management 1, 5: 349 - 351.
2. Pereira de A. L. F. M. 2011. "Células Estaminais Pluripotentes Induzidas (IPSCS) – A mais recente revolução das ciências da vida e da saúde", BOLETIM DO CIM - ROF 97 Mar/Abr 2011, 97: 5 - 6.

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Scientific production

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Books and book chapters
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Published book chapters
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Papers in periodics
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With scientific refereeing
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Without scientific refereeing

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